Plant-based diets are environmentally friendly

Many studies demonstrate that the food we eat has an important impact on our planet and highlight the importance of integrating more sustainable food in our diets. Although changing eating habits is far from easy, everyone can make his contribution by reducing his consumption of animal products – be it only once a week. That doesn’t imply everyone has to become a vegetarian and has to abandon animal products completely, but gradually rebalancing diets by including more plant-based food is a good start.

One of the initiatives that ENSA particularly supports is “meat-free days” or “Veggie days”, which have been introduced across various cities in Europe.  The idea is to voluntarily refrain from eating animal-based products one day a week in schools, restaurants and hotels. In some cities, such as Ghent in Belgium, the initiative is supported by an awareness campaign. Veggie days have been a proven success and demonstrate that gradual, voluntary adjustments supported by local governments can help improve the eating habits of citizens and lead to benefits on a global scale.