ENSA members largely sources their agricultural raw materials from Europe: soybeans from France, oat from the Nordic countries, almonds from Spain, yellow peas from Germany to name a few examples.

Specific attention is given to the sustainable sourcing of soy: it has to be free of GMOs and not come from deforested land. Finding sustainably grown soy for food is not an easy task: three quarter of the world’s soy is used to feed animals, while only 6% is used as food for human consumption.

Protein crops have a role to play in a sustainable European agriculture, thanks to their nitrogen fixing properties that make them fit well in a crop rotation system. ENSA members support national and regional projects to help farmers grow more protein crops in Europe.

As of 2018, two thirds of the whole soybeans used by our members are sourced from European farmers through direct contracts to provide stability to their income.

ENSA reactive statement – Farm to Fork Strategy

The European Plant-based Foods Association (ENSA) warmly welcomes the publication of the Commission’s Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies. This sense of direction by the European Commission is even more timely as we collectively…

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ENSA’s perspective on the European Commission’s Farm to Fork Strategy

The European Plant-based Foods Association (ENSA) strongly supports the objectives of the European Commission’s Farm to Fork strategy to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable food system, through sustainable food production,…

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Joint letter to Members of the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI)

Dear AGRI Committee Members and Substitutes, Cc: ENVI, CONT, REGI, DEVE, FEMM, and BUDG Committees, We are writing to you as a coalition of economic and non-economic interests, representing producers, farmers, environmental protection,…

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