Brussels, 20 March 2017. – Fully aware of the need to contribute to the fight against obesity and associated diseases and to help consumers switch to healthy options, ENSA members are committed to provide consumers with healthy plant-based foods and beverages.

Soy-based drinks are nutrient-dense products. They are a source of high-quality protein and represent a nutritionally equivalent alternative to dairy products for people who choose not to consume or to vary from animal-based foods. Other plant-based beverages (made from nuts, seeds and cereals) are also a source of important nutrients, such as calcium, vitamins B2 and D, and fibres, although they have a lower protein content than soy-based drinks and milk.

Over the last decade, ENSA members have been working intensively to offer consumers a more diverse range of products including unsweetened versions. Plain soy and plant-based drinks manufactured by ENSA members are generally low in sugars (e.g. a plain soy drink contains around 2.2 g of sugars per 100ml). Typically, soy drinks contain less total sugars than comparable dairy products.

ENSA members recognise the growing obesity threat and an increasing need to direct consumers towards healthy and low sugars food products.

Therefore, ENSA members commit to further reducing the amount of total sugars in their overall portfolio of soy and plant-based drinks by 5%[1] between 2015 and 2020.

The ENSA Secretariat will be monitoring the progress made by the Association and will annually report on the results.

[1] The members have also agreed that the 5% reduction target is based on the current market outlook for plant-based drinks. Should a significant change in the market and consumer preferences and/or membership composition of ENSA occur, the members reserve the right to reduce or enlarge the reduction target.