The European Plant-Based Foods Association (ENSA) is urging the European Commission to propose a robust law to enable the transition to a sustainable and healthy food system in the EU, in a statement released today alongside another 50+ European food companies.

Being firmly committed to sustainable supply chains, long-term food security and the well-being of European consumers, ENSA believes that effective EU legislation is needed to guide retailers and manufacturers in the transition to sustainable food systems.

Unsustainable production is taking a toll on the climate and on biodiversity, with dire consequences for both consumers and businesses. The EU food system is responsible for 31% of total EU greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which is causing more droughts, floods, and extreme temperatures in Europe, jeopardising our ability to produce food in the long term. Reducing the environmental footprint across our food supply chains, from production to consumption, is key to reducing these risks and securing a thriving future for all.

ENSA is joining the calls of progressive industry across the food business sector for legislation that sets a clear vision for an EU food system – one that ensures sustainable and healthy food ends up on the plates of consumers. In particular, ENSA is calling for mandatory requirements for companies to reduce GHG emissions from food operations and the environmental impact of food supply chains.

Since 2003, ENSA has been working towards sustainable supply chains, making sure the ingredients we use are produced without harming the environment, while at the same time ensuring the best possible quality for our consumers. ENSA members produce high-quality plant-based foods with a particular focus on alternatives to dairy and meat, and our mission is to contribute to mainstreaming plant-based foods for healthier and more sustainable diets by raising awareness about these products and how they can contribute to more sustainable food systems.